Property Management

There are numerous reasons that make selecting Japan Real Estate investments as your dedicated property manager an easy decision. As an English-speaking Japanese property developer, we are ideally placed to provide you with complete peace of mind as we proactively manage your assets on your behalf and maximise your returns on investment.

As a developer, we already own and manage many of the investment properties we sell, and therefore have a comprehensive understanding of local rental markets, tax depreciation strategies, close connections with building maintenance companies, and extensive local representation across Japan. When purchasing properties owned by Japan Real Estate investments, our clients also benefit from having no brokerage fees to pay, a saving of 3% or more of the purchase price.

We are also able to provide investors with English language support at every step, and are working on widening our provision of foreign language services to Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia in the future. Our commitment to diversity and our open door policy to foreign cultures has afforded us a unique position in the market here in Japan, and possessing such a deep understanding of our clients has enabled us to forge new bridges across cultures in Asia.


Leasing & Tenancy

Our PM team efficiently manages our clients’ properties at each stage of the leasing process. We work hard to reward our clients with stable tenancies, ironing out potential problems as they arise, and constantly seeking to add value to their assets. We take care of contract renewals, and handle deposit negotiations once the tenancy ends, providing guidance throughout the termination process.

Rent Collection & Remittance

We ensure that rental income is collected in a timely manner and remitted into our clients’ chosen accounts according to an agreed schedule.

Finance & Reporting

We have a dedicated team specialising in maximising cash flow and delivering accurate, timely reports to keep our clients fully informed on the performance of their investments. We are on hand to provide up-to-the-minute advice on current market trends, as well as arranging a re-appraisal of a property when required. At the end of each financial year we provide thorough accounting, with information on appropriate tax documents that require filing.

Building Maintenance

During the holding period we utilise our close industry connections to effectively arrange and carry out repairs and maintenance work on our clients’ behalf. Alongside our handling of maintenance issues, we strive to seek the most cost-effective and quality BM solutions for our clients.

Language Support

Our team is on hand to support your queries and requests in English, providing translations and explanations whenever necessary. We will be expanding the number of languages we support in the near future.

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* Our multinational team accepts both written and spoken queries in English and provides language support for speakers of Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia.

Each of us investment team members are expert professionals at property investment advisory, with an acquired know-how of Japanese property investment. We are more than happy to support you by helping you develop your ideas about the properties in the pursuit of your goals. Also, our multinational team welcomes any inquires in English and can provide additional support for speakers of Mandarin and Bahasa Melayu.