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  • June 13 2016 Hiroshima station

    Hiroshima station is the biggest station in Hiroshima which is located in west Japan. This station has many lines such as JR Sanyo Shinkansen, JR Sanyo main line, JR Kabe line, JR Kure line, JR Geibi line and Hiroden tram. To give you an idea about the use of Hiroshima station, roughly 175,000 people use this station in a single day.

  • May 15 2016 Tsukiji station

    Tsukiji station is in Chuo ward, which is located at the bay side area of Tokyo. The train line for this station Tokyo Metro Hibiya line (station number H10). According to Tokyo metro, this station was opened in the year 1963, and about 70,000 people use this station in a single day.

  • April 28 2016 Shinjuku station

    Shinjuku station is in Shinjuku ward in Tokyo, which is one of the central cities of Japan. This station has many lines such as JR Yamanote line, JR Shonan-shinjuku line, JR Takasaki line, JR Saikyo line, JR Narita Express, JR Chuo line, JR Soubu line, JR Tobu SPACIA Express, Odakyu line, Keio line, Tokyo metro Marunouchi line, Toei Shinjuku line, and Toei Oedo line.

  • April 19 2016 Shimbashi station

    Shimbashi station is in Minato ward in Tokyo. There are many lines such as JR Tokaido line, JR Keihin-tohoku line, JR Yokosuka line, JR Yamanote line, JR Joban line, Tokyo metro Ginza line (the station number is G08), Toei Asakusa line (the station number is A10) and Yurikamome line (the station number is U01).

  • April 1 2016 Artiza is now complete!

    With no delays, Artiza Higashi Azabu was completed on February 29th. Then with the final touch ups and interior/exterior cleaning, the property was wrapped in a ribbon and ready to be handed over starting March 16th.

  • March 11 2016 Iidabashi station

    Iidabashi station is a unique station located in Chiyoda, Shinjuku and Bunkyo ward in Tokyo. The reason why this station is in three wards is Iidabashi is right on the ward boundary. Technically there are 3 Iidabashi stations with five lines, JR Chuo/Sobu line and Tokyo metro Tozai line (the station number is T06) is in Chiyoda ward, Tokyo metro Yurakucho line (the station number is Y13) and Tokyo metro Namboku line (the station number is N10) is in Shinjuku ward, and Toei Oedo line (the station number is E06) is in Bunkyo ward.

  • February 24 2016 Tsukishima station

    Tsukishima station is located in the bay area of Chuo ward in Tokyo. This station has two lines, Tokyo metro Yurakucho line (the station number is Y21) and Toei Oedo line (the station number is E16) and both are subways. Tokyo metro line was opened in the year 1988 and Toei Oedo line was opened in 2000.

  • February 5 2016 Shinagawa station

    Shinagawa station is in Minato ward in Tokyo and one of the biggest stations in Japan. This station was opened in the year 1872, which is the first railway station in Japan. There are many lines such as JR Tokaido Shinkansen, Tokaido line, Yamanote line, Joban line, Yokosuka line, Keihin-tohoku line, and Keikyu Line (the station number is KK01). About 540,000 people used Shinagawa station in the year 2014, which is the 9th largest number in the world.

  • January 14 2016 Azabu-juban station

    Azabu-juban station is in Minato ward in Tokyo, which is one of the central cities in Japan. There are two Azabu-juban stations, one is Tokyo metro line (the station number is N04) and the other one is Toei Oedo line (the station number is E22) and both are subways.

  • November 15 2015 Negative Aspects of Japanese Properties Market!

    As a condominium provider nationwide, at Marimo we have the latest news on Japanese properties market. In this article, it is sad but we feel it is our obligation to give away some negative aspects of Japanese property investments. That is that the decline of population (especially households) will have a big impact on property price.

  • September 23 2015 Growth in Japanese Property Investments

    In Real Estate Economic Institute Co., Ltd.’s recent “Condominium Market Trends” report, in the first half of the year (Jan-Jun 2015), investment condominium supply decreased 18.1% while average unit price increased 3.3% compared with 2014. With increases in new condominium prices, second hand house prices are also on the rise, approaching prices seen prior to the collapse of the Lehman Brothers. “Rise of construction cost” is said to be the primary cause for this.

  • September 8 2015 Abenomics and Property Asset Value

    Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's economic plans are bold to be sure; but how do they affect investors? Through low inflation, a cheaper yen. All this means Japan is an even better investment than ever!

  • July 28 2015 2020 - Tokyo is growing -

    Tokyo is already one of the world's most impressive cities. And yet, it's not standing pat. Continued construction and renovation projects mean the 21st century will be an even greater era for the world's biggest city!

  • June 30 2015 Tokyo rent market and management practice

    With an ever growing population, and a mix of young and old, Tokyo continues to need good housing units. This creates a market of opportunity for investors, foreign and domestic.

  • June 1 2015 Why Japanese properties are safe investments

    Japan offers many great investment opportunities to foreign investors. Foreign investors have already taken advantages of them, and Japanese laws and policy mean your investment is in safe hands!

  • May 6 2015 Soaring Tokyo Land Price

    Despite its reputation as the "One of the World's Most Expensive Cities," Tokyo is actually surprisingly affordable to savvy investors. Learn how to take advantage of these changes!

  • March 27 2015 Condominium Market Now

    Japan's economy is soaring, and new construction projects are going up all over the country. That and a cheaper yen means that there's never been a better time to invest in Japan!

  • March 3 2015 Buying Maintenance for Japanese Condominiums

    The Japanese spirit of "Omotenashi" means that your investment property will always be in pristine condition. This unique mindset combined with dedicated workers, mean that Japan offers you services that nowhere else in the world can.

  • January 30 2015 Better technology for better safety

    Natural disasters are something we take into consideration with every project. We've learned from past disasters, as well as warnings about future ones, to create properties that can withstand anything.

  • December 26 2014 Tokyo - A highly livable city

    Tokyo's one of the world's most livable cities. Whether you be interested in shopping, sightseeing, sports, or anything else, Tokyo and it's Metropolitan Area have limitless possibilities.

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