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  • February 24 2016 Tsukishima station

    Tsukishima station is located in the bay area of Chuo ward in Tokyo. This station has two lines, Tokyo metro Yurakucho line (the station number is Y21) and Toei Oedo line (the station number is E16) and both are subways. Tokyo metro line was opened in the year 1988 and Toei Oedo line was opened in 2000.

  • February 5 2016 Shinagawa station

    Shinagawa station is in Minato ward in Tokyo and one of the biggest stations in Japan. This station was opened in the year 1872, which is the first railway station in Japan. There are many lines such as JR Tokaido Shinkansen, Tokaido line, Yamanote line, Joban line, Yokosuka line, Keihin-tohoku line, and Keikyu Line (the station number is KK01). About 540,000 people used Shinagawa station in the year 2014, which is the 9th largest number in the world.

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