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January 14 2016

Azabu-juban station

Azabu-juban station is in Minato ward in Tokyo, which is one of the central cities in Japan. There are two Azabu-juban stations, one is Tokyo metro line (the station number is N04) and the other one is Toei Oedo line (the station number is E22) and both are subways.
Both stations were established in the year 2000, which is relatively new. When constructing new stations, they must be constructed into a fairly deep area. Therefore, Azabu-juban station is 32.5 meters in depth (Toei Oedo line) and it has 6 basement floors. Because deeper area is safer for earthquakes, Toei Oedo line is said to be one of the most important stations in a disaster. This station has features such as being fireproof and earthquake proof, and Azabu-juban station also has a storage stock pile which stores food, water and blankets in case of a disaster. Furthermore, due to these reasons, Toei Oedo line was back up and running soon after the 3.11, 2011 when the Great East Japan Earthquake happened.

There are more than 20 different Embassies and many international facilities in the Azabu area. For example, there is Australia, Russia, Korea, Slovakia, Argentina, Burkina Faso, Italy, Singapore, Philippine, Ukraine, Iran, Austria, Ghana, Greece, Switzerland, China, Germany, Norway, Pakistan, Finland, France, Madagascar, Laos, and Romania embassy just in the Azabu area. Furthermore, it is said that 10% of residents are foreigners in Minato ward, and 20% of residents are foreigners in Azabu area.

The Azabu area is well known for luxury residential area. One reason is because of the many major companies, parks, shopping streets restaurants, sports facilities, hospitals and schools, which provides full family support to the residents. Therefore it is a convenient area for living, shopping and sightseeing. Also, it is very near to Tokyo Tower (5 minutes) and the Roppongi area, which you can walk just about 10 to 15 minutes from this station to these sightseeing spots.

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