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February 24 2016

Tsukishima station

Tsukishima station is located in the bay area of Chuo ward in Tokyo. This station has two lines, Tokyo metro Yurakucho line (the station number is Y21) and Toei Oedo line (the station number is E16) and both are subways. Tokyo metro line was opened in the year 1988 and Toei Oedo line was opened in 2000.

Because you do not have to transfer other lines to get to Ginza or Roppongi area, many people including tourists often use this station. It takes only 4 minutes to get to the Ginza station and 15 minutes to Roppongi station. The number of passenger use of this station is 66,000 people a day for Tokyo metro line and 65,000 people a day for Toei Oedo line in the year 2014.

Tsukishima area was made in the year 1892 as a reclaimed island. This is the first reclaimed island in Tokyo bay.
This area is well known for having traditional restaurants and shopping streets, and residential districts. Especially, there are many Monja-yaki, Okonomi-yaki, and Teppan-yaki restaurants near the Tsukishima station. Monja-yaki is one of the local special dish not only this area but also in Tokyo. The Okonomi-yaki is also known as a “Japanese Pancake”.
Moreover, the Tokyo bay fireworks festival in August is popular and you can see it from Tsukishima area. This is one of the biggest fireworks festivals in Tokyo, and about 12,000 fireworks are set off each year while 100 thousands of people watch. Last year in 2014 there were 720,000 people who visited and watched the fireworks from this area.

This area is currently going through a rush to build high-rise apartments, which connects with the population increase each year in Tsukishima area. According to the Chuo ward government office, in 2015 there were about 63,000 people living in this area (about 2.3km²), which is about 20 percent higher than five years ago. Moreover, the Chuo ward government office says the population of Tsukishima area will increase 26 percent in about 15 years.
One of the reasons why this area population is increasing is a big event will be held at Tokyo bay side area in four years, and Tsukishima is close to the area. Therefore, this area has attracted attention in terms of a good place to live in and invest for the future.

Near Tsukishima station, we have a property that is part of the future potential.
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