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March 11 2016

Iidabashi station

Iidabashi station

Iidabashi station is a unique station located in Chiyoda, Shinjuku and Bunkyo ward in Tokyo. The reason why this station is in three wards is Iidabashi is right on the ward boundary. Technically there are 3 Iidabashi stations with five lines, JR Chuo/Sobu line and Tokyo metro Tozai line (the station number is T06) is in Chiyoda ward, Tokyo metro Yurakucho line (the station number is Y13) and Tokyo metro Namboku line (the station number is N10) is in Shinjuku ward, and Toei Oedo line (the station number is E06) is in Bunkyo ward.

This station was opened in the year 1928, and Tokyo metro Tozai line was opened in the year 1964, the other subway lines, Tokyo metro Yurakucho line, Tokyo metro Namboku line and Toei Oedo line, were opened later on.

Just a few minute walk from this station, you can get to Kagurazaka area. This area was once well known for its Geisha culture, but as times have passed, the only remaining culture are the old-established Japanese restaurants who are still in business. Moreover, if you walk 15 minutes from Iidabashi station, there is Tokyo Dome and an amusement park included in a large shopping mall known as Tokyo Dome City. Both facilities are popular because not only baseball, but other events such as concerts and festivals are held at Tokyo Dome. And right next to the Dome are many attractions, shops, even a spa, and an amusement park where young generations gather each weekend.

In addition Iidabashi is also well known as a business and academic district. There are many major companies’ head offices, schools and universities throughout this area. Therefore this area holds a population of business persons and also students.
Iidabashi area is one of the most popular areas for living because of the convenience for transportation, quiet and relaxing scenery, and the station is near to offices and schools. As mentioned before, Iidabashi station has five lines, so it is highly convenient for using trains. Furthermore, due to fact that there are traditional Japanese style gardens, restaurants and shrines in this area, this area is quiet in spite of being centralized Tokyo.

We would highly recommend this area to both single, and family lifestyles.

Near Iidabashi station, we have a property that is just as attractive.

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