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April 1 2016

Artiza is now complete!

With no delays, Artiza Higashi Azabu was completed on February 29th. Then with the final touch ups and interior/exterior cleaning, the property was wrapped in a ribbon and ready to be handed over starting March 16th.

We also set up a Show Room in Artiza Higashi Azabu a few days ago. Now, when customers want to view quality of a Japanese Developer, Marimo, and see what the interior is like, they have the choice before making the purchase decision.

Below are some pictures of the actual Show Room.

Artiza is now complete!

If you would like to see the actual Artiza Higashi Azabu, Tokyo Tower, and the surroundings of Azabu, we would be delighted to take you around.

Please take this opportunity to contact us through our Tokyo Tours page while units are still available.

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