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April 19 2016

Shimbashi station

Shimbashi station is in Minato ward in Tokyo. There are many lines such as JR Tokaido line, JR Keihin-tohoku line, JR Yokosuka line, JR Yamanote line, JR Joban line, Tokyo metro Ginza line (the station number is G08), Toei Asakusa line (the station number is A10) and Yurikamome line (the station number is U01). Shimbashi station was opened in the year 1872 as the first railway terminal station in Japan and this station was the biggest terminal station until Tokyo station was opened in the year 1914. The number of passenger use of this station is 850,000 people a day according to data from the year 2013, which is 11th largest number in the world.

There is a real “Steam” Locomotive displayed in front of the station as a landmark for Shimbashi station. This steam locomotive was displayed in the year 1972 as a memorial monument for the 100th anniversary of the Japanese railway opening. The locomotive whistle blows at noon, 3PM and 6PM every day. Furthermore, this steam locomotive is decorated with colorful lights and illuminated during Christmas season every year.

Because this area has been developed since a long time ago, there are traditional Japanese restaurants and Shimbashi Enbujo theaters which play traditional Japanese dance performance, theatrical performance and Kabuki since the late 1800s and early 1900s. Up until this day, these performances are still popular for not only Japanese but also foreigners. Also, a festival is held in July around the station and this is popular for business persons who are working near this station, tourists and neighbors. About 140,000 people come to the festival in 2 days every year. Moreover, if you walk 10 minutes from this station, you can get to the Hamarikyu Gardens. This traditional Japanese style garden was used by generals and emperors a long time ago, but is now public opened since the year 1946. The large garden is in the center of Tokyo with more than 6,000 trees and big ponds for anybody to enjoy and/or relax in “a garden within the city” at any time of the year.

Shimbashi area is well known as one of the biggest business districts in Japan, therefore many major corporations’ head office are located around this station. In addition, because this area is near to Ginza and Tsukiji area, Shimbashi station is convenient for commuting, shopping, and also sightseeing. As we mentioned before, because this station has many lines, it is possible to get to almost every famous spot in Tokyo within 30 minutes. For example, it only takes about 10 minutes to Roppongi, 15 minutes to Shinjuku, and 30 minutes to Tokyo International Airport by train. With the convenience of transportation, we would highly recommend this attractive area, especially for the busy corporate persons.

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