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April 28 2016

Shinjuku station

Shinjuku station is in Shinjuku ward in Tokyo, which is one of the central cities of Japan. This station has many lines such as JR Yamanote line, JR Shonan-shinjuku line, JR Takasaki line, JR Saikyo line, JR Narita Express, JR Chuo line, JR Soubu line, JR Tobu SPACIA Express, Odakyu line (the station number is OH01), Keio line (the station number is KO01), Tokyo metro Marunouchi line (the station number is M08), Toei Shinjuku line (the station number is S01), and Toei Oedo line (the station number is E27). Shinjuku station was opened in the year 1885 (JR lines), after that Keio line was opened in 1915, Odakyu line was opened in 1927, Marunouchi line was opened in 1959, Toei Shinjuku line was opened in 1980 and Toei Oedo line was opened in 1997. Shinjuku station is one of the biggest stations in the world, and this station is registered in 3 Guinness world records as the busiest station, the number of trains in a day, and the number of station exits. According to the Guinness world records, about 3.5 million people use Shinjuku station in a day, more than 9,000 trains run in a day and the station has about 200 exits. Actually nobody knows the exact number of exits, because the station has too many exits and some of them are connected to buildings around the station. Therefore it is hard to find the exit that you looking for and it is said that almost all people get lost in this station the first time they visit. Even Japanese people.

Shinjuku area is one of the biggest business district and also entertainment district in Japan. Also there are many buildings, shopping area, sightseeing spots around the station as well.
In addition there is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office, major companies’ head offices and luxury hotels in the west side of the station, standing the area as one of the biggest business districts in Japan and a reason why there are many high-rise buildings in this area.
In the east side of the station, is where there are many department stores, shopping streets and entertainment facilities. On every Sunday and national holiday, some streets are turned into a pedestrian only walkway so that the crowds have more space to walk about. Also the Kabukicho area in the east side of the station is one of the biggest nightlife districts in Japan very popular towards locals and foreigners. Here there are many night clubs, restaurants and entertainment shops that Kabukicho area is almost its own little city. This area is also called the “Sleepless town” because colorful lights and neon signs are brightly lit all night, every day.

In the south side of the station, a bus terminal will be open in April 2016 which will be the biggest terminal in Japan. And 170 meter tall 33 story building will also be open in April 2016. Moreover, if you walk for a few minutes from Shinjuku station, you can get to Shinjuku Gyoen national garden, which has a lot of natural botanicals in one large area. According to the Ministry of the Environment, Shinjuku Gyoen national garden was once used by feudal lords and emperors, after that the garden opened to the public in the year 1949. The area of this garden is 53.8ha (144acres), and three styles of gardens which is traditional Japanese, English landscape and French formal style gardens. Furthermore, Shinjuku Gyoen national garden is popular for doing Hanami (eating, drinking, and watching cherry blossoms under full bloom cherry blossom trees). There are about 1,100 cherry blossom trees in the garden and about 100,000 people come in a day at the peak season.
In the north side of the station, there is Shin-Okubo area that is the biggest Korean town in Japan. However, not only Korean shops but also there are many countries’ restaurants and shops starting to open up these days so this area is starting to become a more global area in Tokyo. Another popular area in the north-side is Omoide-Yokocho where you will find many office workers and foreigners. This street has many Izakaya (casual Japanese style bar) lined up on one narrow street so that you can feel the old retro Japanese atmosphere the locals have been keeping a secret.

Shinjuku has many attractive areas and is considered one of the most exciting cities in Japan. This area is a center of culture, entertainment and business in Tokyo, and is continuously developing. Thus, you can find new things every time and never lose interest in Shinjuku.

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