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  • Is the layout easy to live in?
    Is the layout easy to live in?
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    How about the equipment?
  • How is the spec?
    How is the spec?

The season of fresh green has come!
ARTIZA Higashi Azabu is now complete and we are planning a Property Viewing Tour of the newly built condominium!

Tour Schedule

  • ① Walk through the condominium
  • ② Enjoy the beauty of the new season at nearby Shiba Park
  • ③ End of Tour

Azabu, the most luxury area in Tokyo.

Azabu, the most luxury area in Tokyo.

Tokyo Tower is a symbol of Tokyo that is admired throughout Japan. "Artiza Higashi Azabu" is located close to and facing Tokyo Tower. The rich greenery of Shiba Park is also nearby, providing the warmth of Nature within the suburban heart of Tokyo.

Enjoy the beauty of the new season at nearby Shiba Park.

Enjoy the beauty of the new season at nearby Shiba Park.

Only 2 minutes from ARTIZA Higashi Azabu, Shiba Park is one of Tokyo's most famous parks, known for its beautiful sakura (cherry blossom) trees and its magnificent view of Tokyo Tower, but the park becomes even more beautiful once the cherry blossoms are gone. The cherry blossom trees turn from a soft pink into a fresh and vivid green and other flowers start to bloom.

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We see and hear of many real estate success stories and of so called "success manuals" out there. But not everybody is able to enjoy the success. What sets the ones who succeeded from the ones that failed? The ultimate truth is, there is no such thing as "The Perfect Success Manual". It's not important how people succeeded. Rather, its better to learn from the ones who failed. Trying your best Not to fail will lead to success.


Real estate investment failure

Real estate investment failure No1

Initially I thought that existing house had lower price and higher yield, so I invested in few existing condominiums but…. As it turns out, all the tenants left and I suffered to find a new one for over a year with no revenue. But that was not the end of my nightmare. The tenant had issues with late rent payment and ended up skipping town.... I had dreamed of an early retirement and look where it got me. I still own the property but once a tenant moves out, its difficult to find a new one and the revenue is not coming in as planned. I truly regret not purchasing a new home with guarantees.

Real estate investment failure No2

I managed a family type condominium. After much thought, I trusted the sales man's advice, "Families tend to stay longer than singles so you can avoid vacancy risk. " and bought a family type condominium. It was true at first but once the first tenant moved out to get a place of their own, I struggled to find a new family to live in my property. I later found out that there isn't that much demand for an existing house for families these days. Now that I think about it, with such a low interest rate, unless you are a single, any smart family would purchase a house of their own.

Real estate investment failure No3

You know what they say! The three golden rules of investing in existing condominiums! No 1 location, No2 location, No3 location! Location is the one thing that you cannot change so choose very wisely! This is the most crucial point. If you compromise with location, the percentage of you failing increases rapidly. I've learned this... the hard way. Studio apartments are popular in areas with many firms, and a five minute walk from the station is always a good benchmark. I invested in a studio apartment with a tenant that was nine minutes walk from the station, but after the tenant moved out, I'm still struggling to find a new tenant, even though I changed all the equipment, wall paper, and even fixed the air conditioner. Two new condominiums opened (only five minutes walk from the station) so my guess is that all the tenants have shifted there. I have lowered my rent but still waiting a new tenant.

Increase that occupancy rate!

What to look for during property viewings No 1.


Check for the sunlight hours that the room gets, the view, and the adjacent building relationship.

What to look for during property viewings No 2.


Sound can be the number one factor for troubles with neighbors. So check how the upper floor noise will sound.

What to look for during property viewings No 3.


Odor problems actually make big impacts on occupancy rates! Make sure to go around the neighborhood so that there is no facilities that may emit odors.